Our Programs & Philosophy

Our educational programs, philosophies and practices aim for children’s individual social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development needs to be met.
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Our educational programs, philosophies and practices aim for children’s individual needs to be met. Our welcoming, vibrant, and flexible play and learning environment reflects children’s interest and is responsive to the needs of each child.  
Our outcomes ensure social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development is enhanced through equal opportunity and opportunities to become self-reliant. 

our outcomes

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Children have a strong sense of identity.
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Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
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Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
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Children are confident and involved learners.
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Children are effective communicators.
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Our Philosophy

We are inspired in exploring and challenging ourselves in educational leadership.
We advocate for the foundations of creating happy healthy children that thrive and enjoy the natural desire, persistence and confidence needed for learning.
We celebrate that children develop at their own space and developmental levels.
We are committed to the rights of the children and nurturing a genuine calmness and within an inclusive play based on learning environment. Building a sense of belonging with families and the community.
Children & Educators
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Persistence in Learning

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Self regulation

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Hard working

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Self gratification

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Leadership skills

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Self motivation

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Play Communication

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Play Skills

Learning Environment
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Valuing both outdoor & indoors learning

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Calm Learning Environments

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Sensory Processing

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Sustained Attention considering individual learning styles

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Valuing fun & interest based

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Adventurous through active risk-taking

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Mental Health & Mental Wellbeing

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Social & Emotional Competence

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Reducing children, educator's & family stressors

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Inclusive Practices

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Cultural Inclusion

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Relationships between Educators, Families, Children & Community

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Community Excursions

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What resources can we recognise that we can access within our local community

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Involving children in decision-making

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Play charter

Play Australia’s Play Charter advocates for healthy play opportunities for children, recognising the right of children to engage in play and recreational activities to age. The Play Charter aims to promote the value of outdoor play, inspiring curious, active, and healthy young people.
More About Play Charter

Play Australia is underpinned by ten core beliefs:


Play is essential to the health, development and well-being of children.


There is a need to raise awareness of the importance and essential role of play.


Play is essential for all ages and intergenerational play is important.


Time and access to unstructured play must be a priority.


Unstructured play outdoors is essential to health and well-being.


Independent mobility is essential as a child grows.


Risk and challenge through play are important experiences.


Access to nature must be provided for all children.


Embracing young people in public spaces is an important part of valuing them.


We must plan cities with children and young people in mind.

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Little earth charter

Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten learning environment is driven by a set of guiding principles by Little Earth Charter. The Little Earth Charter outlines eight principles for a better world for children everywhere, and gives children tools to become a responsible earth steward for a sustainable future.
More About Little Earth Charter
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The Little Earth Charter principles are:

Life – respect and consideration for all living things, regardless of how big or small.  

Interconnected – each and every living this has their own special qualities and is connected through needing each other. 

Family – means to ensure all in the human family are well treated. 

Earth – means to take care of the earth and understand that earth is the home we share. We should take care of the earth for us and future generations.  

Peace – to live in peace and to cooperate with others to resolve conflicts in a non-violent way, rather seek resolutions that are fair to everyone.  

Love – means to be truthful and kind to others, and to understand the needs of each person you meet.  

Future – ensuring that people both now and into the future can live in health, peace, and harmony on our beautiful earth.  

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Learn To Play,
Play To Learn

Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten supports children in their early stages of life to learn, play and grow in a caring and nurturing environment.

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