Who We Are

Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten is a warm and calm space where each child is encouraged to grow and develop to their full potential through enjoyable, interest-based activities.
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Families are valued
Families are valued for being an active part of our early childhood environment.
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Excellent Programs
Our educational programs, philosophies and practices aim for children's individual needs to be met.
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Equal Opportunity
Opportunities to become self-reliant and develop self-esteem.
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Welcoming Environment
Vibrant and flexible play and learning environment.

Caring, Educational & Family Focused

Quality Education By An Experienced Team

The Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten team is experienced and qualified, taking pride in supporting each child to unlock their potential and passion for learning and exploring. Our team works with each child and their guardians to develop school readiness and a sense of connectedness with others.
A high quality educational early childhood service, we are licensed for up to 40 children per day and enrol 39 children per day between the ages of 3 and to under 6 years, as per the priority of access Government Funding Guidelines.
Our programs offer children the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities and learning experiences that promote confidence, wellbeing, and identity. Gardening, cooking, physical play, block building, sand and water play, early numeracy and early literacy activities like reading, drawing, and writing are just some of the ways we encourage children to be curious, active participants of their own learning.
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Safe, Respectful & Inclusive

Caring, educational and family focused, our mission is to provide high-quality child education in a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment, building the foundations for lifelong learning. We learn to play and play to learn.

Our Environment

The Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten environment is unique. We work hard to create a learning environment that is beautiful, interesting, and homely for all children. Our playground and learning centre has been curated with the intention of maximising use of the natural environment to play, explore and learn.
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We are inspired in exploring and challenging ourselves in educational leadership.


We advocate for the foundations of creating healthy happy children that thrive and enjoy the natural desire, persistence and confidence needed for learning.


We celebrate that children develop at their own pace and developmental levels.


We are committed to the rights of children and nurturing a genuine calmness within an inclusive play based learning environment.

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We have a large shaded outdoor area that includes a sandpit, outdoor play equipment and gardens. Children attending Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten enjoy playing with these facilities and find different ways to utilise the setting for play every day. Inside, our facility incorporates child-friendly areas that encourage children to develop lifelong skills such as cooking, communicating and relaxing.
Located in Quirindi town centre, Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten is surrounded by safe fencing and is in close proximity to the hospital.

Learn To Play,
Play To Learn

Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten supports children in their early stages of life to learn, play and grow in a caring and nurturing environment.

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