Please take a look at our policies below. If you have any questions or would like to know, feel free to get in touch with us.

Acceptance & Refusal of Authorisations
Administration of First Aid
Child Protection
Child Safe Reporting
Closed-Circuit Television system (CCTV)
Code of Conduct for Staff Arrangements
Dealing with Infectious Diseases
Dealing with Medical Conditions
Delivery & Collection of Children
Determining Responsible Person Policy
Emergency & Evacuation
Enrolment & Orientation
Excursions Policy
Fees Policy
Governance and Management
Incidents, Injuries, Trauma & Illness
Interactions With Children Policy
Nutrition, Food & Beverages, Dietary Requirements
Participation of Volunteers & Students
Policy Index
Privacy & Confidentiality
Privacy Collection Statement
Providing a Child Safe Environment
Safe Transportation of Children
Sleep & Rest For Children
Sun Protection
Water Safety

Optional Policies

Animals in the Environment
Cleaning & Maintaining the Environment
Clothing & Footwear
Dental Health
Environmental Statement
Environmental Sustainability
Family Participation & Communication
Harassment Free Workplace
Hygiene & Infection Control
Medication & Health Statement
Medication Administration
Nappy Change, Showering, Bathing & Toileting
Professional Standards & Ethical Conduct
Safe Storage of Dangerous Goods
Smoke Free Environment
The Indoor & Outdoor Environment

Complaints Handling Policy & Procedure

Complaints Form
Complaints Handling
How to Make a Complaint
Parent Code of Conduct